The past few months have found me stepping back from watercolour and working more with pen and ink.
Here is some of my most recent work with process photos!


Last week I met with the Kamloops Print Making Society. I toured the space and the coordinator said they would take me on as an apprentice if I was interested. She gave me a piece of copper plate and a few tools to chisel lines into it with as homework. When I've finished creating an etched drawing onto the piece of copper, she'll take me through the process of copper plate etch printing. (Basically the marked lines in the plate soak up the ink and act as a stamp to make a print). This antique process of print making in black and white only has opened up my brain to mark making. How do we create TONE and depth using only black? The answer is marks. Halftones, cross hatching, shaded lines, etc. Stepping away from a medium like watercolour, which is essentially all tone and transparencies has led to me looking at different ways to make line marks, shadows, and highlights. I've arrived at a very graphic and pop art inspired process. I'm really excited about exploring this change in media! | Self Portrait | Micron pen

| Self Portrait | Micron pen


Really enjoying the process of combining media lately - first sketching and then making things digital! Self Portrait - Pen and ink on paper and then digitally painted in Photoshop.

| Self Portrait | Pen and ink on paper and then digitally painted in Photoshop.

Pen and ink


Pen and ink on paper and then digitally painted in Photoshop


Painted digitally

Progress shot of this pop art portrait.

Process shot

Work in progress!


All finished this 9x12in ink portrait of my dear friend Stephanie! Tomorrow I'll be holding a contest on my Facebook page (Facebook.com/jenschier design) and giving away a custom drawn portrait of yourself or someone you love drawn in this same pop art style! Head on over to Facebook and like Jen Schier Design to be able to enter! ✍✌️

9x12in Ink Portrait



Putting the finishing touches on this!


All finished this custom drawn pop art portrait! Really love the graphic nature of this style. Get in touch with the link in my bio to commission a 9in x 12in portrait for $70!

File 2016-07-21, 5 07 48 PM

File 2016-07-21, 5 03 05 PM

File 2016-07-21, 5 02 22 PM

Please get in touch if you’re interested in commissioning a 9in x 12in portrait. Print with digital file included for $70.

Thanks for looking!