Business owner and photographer Megan Ashley approached me to design a logo and watermark for her boudoir photography business – Intimate Portraiture by Megan Ashley Photography. Megan was somewhat unsure of what she wanted her brand to look like. She knew it had to be clear when being used as a watermark and she had a few ideas, but not one in particular stood out to her.


The few examples that she was able to send me used unique handwritten fonts and had a whimsical and light feel. I was excited to hand draw some text!


After playing with some scripts, I was able to send Megan two design options to chose from:

First Option


Second Option

From there, Megan and I went back and forth until we were able to reach a final design. In the end, we tweaked with the sizing and placement in the second design option and an added small watercolour brush mark behind the design for a colour accent.


This branding project was a valuable learning experience for me in the way that I learned the importance of clear communication with the client. This is especially important if they’re a little unclear in their own mind about what exactly they’re looking for.

I’m very happy about how the brand came together in the end!

You can find Megan’s lovely and delicate photography on Facebook as well as Instagram.