These days I’m trying to push myself creatively – experimenting with different media and various artistic styles, and so I’ve decided to start an illustration challenge for myself. I’ve always been in love with antique botanical illustrations and paintings, so I’ve made the goal to create one of these botanical illustrations once a week for one year. I’ll be using the hashtags #52weeksbotanical and #52weekproject on Instagram – Artistic friends: I’d love if you want to get involved in this – all media welcome!

Photo 2016-08-28, 3 23 01 PM

For the first piece, I chose to letter and draw a North American sunflower. I planted sunflowers this year in my garden but they never sprouted. I was heartbroken! It’s always bittersweet as I walk by the many 10 foot glorious sunflower patches in my community garden and neighbourhood.

Photo 2016-08-28, 6 28 57 PM

The prints in this botanical illustration series will be available for purchase. Black Ink on coldpressed cotton – 9in X 12in. Please let me know if you’re interested!

Thanks for looking!Sunflower