Jayne Lindskog of Boreal Babe wanted a unique and hand drawn logo. Boreal Babe specializes in hand made clothing and accessories for children.
Jayne mentioned a natural colour palette. She wanted the logo to have a rustic and natural feel. She liked the idea of using boreal trees reaching skyward, as well as the natural imperfections and texture found in a forest with fallen and rotten trees.

I took this opportunity work on my hand lettering and sketching skills.


As Jayne and I went back and forth in discussion, I was able to create three different designs for her.

I started with this design. Clean, lowercase lettering with a forest line made out a stitching pattern (like you’d find on a sewing machine).


I also presented Jayne with this design – using a different and more rugged style of lettering and sketch.


I also drew this design- something completely different – modern and unique.Triangle

After working back and worth in communication with Jayne we settled on a final design.BBLogo

We then started working on the colour palette for the branding. I presented the client with a few different options.



Settling on a colour palette, I was able to finish the brand packaging including fonts, colours and all file versions of the finished logo to give to the client.



Included in the final package, I designed a banner for the client’s Etsy store, business cards, and hang tags to hang on her products.

Thanks Jayne for giving me the opportunity to design a unique and hand drawn logo for you!
You can shop Boreal Babe at her Etsy store, or check out Boreal Babe’s Facebook.